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Service-Learning Club


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President: Oscar Aguirre

Communication Manager: Ariel Kelly

Facilitator/ Secretary: Leah Terhune


Faculty Advisor: Kristine Smith

About Us
The service-learning club was started as an opportunity for students to take an active role in their community, while meeting real community needs. The club has grown to offer students the opportunity to take part in a variety of service activities and reflect on their experience and the impact to the community.

* We meet once a month to discuss a broader community need in the area and we bring service opportunities to the club.

* We actively participate in service projects (1 to 5 hours) that a student has developed.

* After the project we reflect on the experience. 

* Students have the opportunity to continue to volunteer with this community partner and/or continue to volunteer through different nonprofits through the club.


Winter 2014 Meeting Schedule:

1st Wednesday of the Month Syre 217 12:00pm - 1:00pm