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WCC's Degree Audit is an unofficial planning tool designed to help you map your unofficial progress toward degree or certificate completion. Courses that you have completed at WCC and courses that you have transferred to WCC may be included in the audit.

Please meet with an advisor in Entry & Advising, LDC 116; 360.383.3080. We want you to graduate on time!

Helpful Hints and Online Help

  • Read Helpful Hints for details on understanding some functions of Degree Audit
  • Onced logged in to Degree Audit, use the Online Help Features for assistance. Look for the Blue Help ? circle.

Hours of Operation

Degree Audit is available Monday through Friday from 7am to 9:30pm and continuously Saturday through Sunday starting at 7am.

Three Features Of Degree Audit

  1. Degree Audit
    You can display your WCC courses and transfer courses, if any, apply or not apply to degree requirements.The audit is unofficialThe reports are designed so that you work with an advisor to determine how courses are being used.
  2. Academic Planner
    A tool for you and your advisor to map out your registration schedules per quarters
  3. Advising Notes
    You can request that an advisor writes notes on your Degree Audit account so you can read them.

Transferring College Credit to WCC

Only those students who plan to graduate from WCC need to complete a Transfer Credit Evaluation Request form to have prior credit evaluated. Want to learn more about how credits are evaluated? Yes!


Disclaimer: When running a Degree audit, either by a student or an advisor, the results are UNOFFICIAL. Some reasons for the unofficial status could be there have been additions and or modifications to the WCC Catalog and degree/ certificate requirements, transfer course work may not be in the computer or pending final review, or students may have unique situations that do not comply with the Degree Audit functions.

Official Response: Official Degree Audits are only produced when a student submits an Application For Graduation form. The Graduation Department validates your progress with an official evaluation of your Graduation Application.